I am grateful to the people who have contributed to this project. Because of your assistance, this website now serves as a free resource for those seeking to learn signs for the countries of the world.

Many thanks to:

  • Larry Umberger for sharing his research that helped to inspire this website.
  • James Whitfield, Ruben Mallory, Jess Ingalls, and Jayne Henry, and Liz Bowe for their time in recording video clips to be featured on the website.
  • Amy Stephens for her artistic talent and inspiration of the site logo and Helge Stradmann for his graphic design skills.
  • VisiBone and the CIA World Factbook for the use of their world map in designing the logo.
  • The linked websites for serving as references and verification of the various country signs.
  •  MacDaddy World at Vecteezy for the map vector image.